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How Clarity Voice Supports Remote Work

More people started preferring to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, and the pattern has maintained. Furthermore, you may save both time and energy by using this method. There are many benefits, but there may also be some negatives in the eyes of some. It might be a little tougher to keep up with clients or coworkers. Exactly how do you remind yourself to return to your phone? After all, you are just one person.

Thank god there existing services that explain how to tackle this scenario. For example, Clarity Voice provides a VoIP phone system for usage in many sectors, including one for those working remotely.

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, allows you to make and receive phone conversations through an internet connection. In addition to saving money on setup and phone service, businesses also benefit from this technology’s widespread use. All you need to get started is a stable internet connection.

The Work-From-Home Features of Clarity Voice

Some of the essential features we supply to our faraway clients include the following since we customize our services to the demands of each area.

A Method for Keeping Callers on the Line

Sometimes, even while you’re out of the office, you’ll need to answer calls from customers right away. When you have a conversation with one of our systems, it will be recorded so that you may play it back and take notes afterwards.

There Will Be No Phone Jams

When several calls come in at once, it might be difficult to handle them all. Some customers could go unanswered, which might hurt business. Clarity Voice prioritizes calls based on urgency and time of receipt, putting all others on hold until the priority calls are answered. In no time at all, you will be able to switch from one call to the next.

Aiding Time-Management

Appointment keeping may be a pain for both the customer and the business. Our services have resolved this problem. We’re here to help you make the most of your corporate number for all of your communication needs. Additionally, this keeps your own personal number safe. If a customer is using a mobile phone, they will still get messages from the business number.

Superior High-Definition Voice

When you’re working from home, you never know what to expect from your environment. Perhaps you have easily irritated children or a chatty cat. You don’t want your consumers to be distracted by these noises. Our Clarity Speech technology eliminates distracting noises so that your voice may be heard clearly. What we like to be called is Clarity Voice.

Find Out How Effective Clarity Voice Can Be For You

We supply a selection of phones that you may employ with your VoIP system along with our services. Some people might find it simplest to use a desk phone, while others who are more mobile would need to employ a mobile phone. In addition, we provide a selection of headphones that may come in handy for our remote workers whose families are always a distraction.

Many people consider working from home a gift, so keeping things going smoothly may make it even better. Thanks to Clarity Voice, you’ll never have to deal with phone calls again, and your business will continue to attract satisfied customers.

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