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Best Alternatives To Big Telecom Companies

The era of telecom subservience is nearly over. The deluge of telecom alternatives and new technologies is here to stay. Their failure to adapt over the next 5 years will make them subject to your bidding. It’s routine to hate on the telecom providers your operations depend on, but new technology finally makes our collective exodus from telecom providers possible.

Better telecom alternatives will continue to change the landscape. 5G, Gen 2 SD-WAN, and Cloud-Native services will significantly speed up disruption. Customers will realize they no longer depend on the expensive networks that carriers built across the globe at great expense.

As bandwidth and connectivity demands skyrocket, the only windfall traditional carriers will experience is the chill of being left in the cold. The environment and the customer’s needs have changed along with it.

The data paints a striking picture indicating the telecom carrier world as we know it is ending. The symptoms have intensified in the last few years as layoffs have cascaded across Verizon, AT&T, and Centurylink. In March, millions of customers began looking for Windstream alternatives as the company announced its bankruptcy filing plans. 

Other telecom providers sell their assets for pennies on the dollar to cloud-based companies. It’s not just about dollars and cents; however, the strain experienced by telecom companies is being felt directly by CTOs, CIOs, and consumers alike.

Significant regional connectivity outages increase as technical resources become scarce across low-margin assets. Carriers have become silent at worst and sluggish as they respond to outages while their clients sit in the dark. This leads us to ask why telecoms are suffering in a market where businesses are crying for more connectivity and bandwidth; why are telecoms suffering? Don’t most companies thrive as demand increases?  

Why are telecoms suffering as businesses and consumers demand more connectivity and bandwidth? 

Three main drivers are contributing to this significant downturn in the carrier world, all of which are tech-related. 5G, SD-WAN, and native cloud services. All are highly beneficial for tech leadership and stand to threaten telecom business (and relevance) around the world, leading, of course, to better telecom alternatives.

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