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Four Security Themes to Keep in Mind this Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity has been the priority of many companies and government organizations. They implementdigital security measures to protect their data and resources fromcybercrimes like phishing, identity fraud, cyberextortion, and other criminal activities. However, despite these proactive security efforts, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and alarming. 

According to Gartner, 88% of boards of directors consider cybersecurity as a business risk rather than a simple technical problem. The shift to digitalization has allowed bad actors to explore cyberspace and use ittoperform illegal activities. With the proliferation of internet users, it is now more necessary to assess, evaluate, and upgrade firms’ identity proofing, access management, and authentication strategies. 

What is Cybersecurity Awareness?

Cybersecurity awareness drives individuals to understand online risks and adapt to cutting-edge technologies. Every October, the government and private industries observecybersecurity awareness month to raise consciousness about digital security and empower data protection. The celebrationalso establishesinternet safety resources and communications between companies. 

While people are anxious about massive data breaches and hackers, cybersecurity awareness month reminds them of the countless ways to keep cyberspace safe. It starts with a basic understanding of cybersecurity themes that companies need to consider.

Cybersecurity Themes

Big and small Tech companies are vulnerable to hacks and data breaches. The main reason for this is human vulnerability, as usersoften become victims of social engineering attacks.The 2022 Global Risk Report shows that 95% of all cybersecurity issues result from human error. 

Organizationsshould start creating a work culture that values cybersecurity. They should train workers on cybersecurity measures andenforcerobust user authentication. Experts suggest implementing passwordless systems like FIDO2 authentication to prevent attacks and human-driven security vulnerabilities.

At the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced that it would launch passwordless logins across its products. The WIRED dubbed it the first major real-world shift to password elimination.Apple, Microsoft, and Google commended FIDO2 standards for enabling passkey technologyand pledged to adopt passwordless initiatives.  

Moreover, industries have long utilized biometrics for a more secure authentication system. But there have been recent concerns about the method’s implementation,including: 

  • Explicit informed consent on theuse of biometric data
  • Biometrics that are free of bias
  • Opt-in model for biometric use

Thus, tech companies aim for the ethical deployment of biometrics. But while biometric data is gaining traction, there is no guarantee that it will give individuals 100% accuracy. And if the ethical issues surrounding biometrics are not taken seriously, there are many ways that a party could abuse the data. Hence, sectors should expand the use of the Zero Trust framework. 

Zero Trust security is an IT security system that requires strict identity verification when accessing a private network. The White House issued Executive Order 14028, stating that the federal government willimplementa Zero Trust strategy. Many industries, including financial services, education, and healthcare, followed and adopted the Zero Trust architecture.

The Future of Cybersecurity

Bad actors are getting more innovative and resilient to traditional cybersecurity protections. The proliferation of data breaches is a sign that cybersecurity does not only apply to highly regulated industries like healthcare. Even small businesses can suffer reputational damages, legal liability, and financial loss if these threats continue to prevail. Therefore, business leaders must rely on stronger cybersecurity solutions.

By2025, 60% percent of organizations will use cybersecurity as the primary determinant for conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. Companies should adopt cutting-edge technologies to improve and upgrade their data security. While it is challenging for some organizations, these technologies are worthy investments and might result in long-term benefits for the company and its employees. 

To learn more, here is an article from authID, a company that provides secure and reliable biometric identity proofing and authentication solutions. It aims to establish robust security and trust between businesses and their clients. 


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