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5 Common Problems That Many iPhone Users Face

IPhone users around the world face many issues with the iPhone. From transferring data from an old to new iPhone, updating software, broken screens, to launching new apps. iPhone devices experience a variety of problems for many reasons and these range from hardware, software issues to bugs in the iOS that require repairs. Read on to know some of the common issues that people experience with iPhones.

Broken Screen

Having a broken screen on your IPhone can be quite devastating given the cost of buying such a phone. However, accidents happen and your phone may accidentally slip from your hands resulting in a cracked screen. Most people avoid repairing their broken screen owing to the expensive cost of iPhone screen repair services. However, you can always compare the prices offered by different repair shops and get one that suits your needs.


You may receive notifications on your iPhone telling you that the device is too hot and requires cooling before you can use it again. This is a common problem with iPhone devices, especially for people living in hot countries. To ensure that your mobile device does not experience long-term effects caused by overheating, you should take the phone to a cooler place and remove the case. You can also try resetting all phone setting to fix the overheating issue. Seek the services of an iPhone specialist technician to fix the issue for you if your phone does not turn on.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur when you drop your phone in the swimming pool or spilt water across the screen. Most iPhones that experience water damage rarely turn back on. However, an experienced technician can help you turn your iPhone on again depending on the level of damage experienced. You can try removing the sim card and rubbing the phone on a towel before taking it to an expert for cheap iPhone screen repair services.

Screen Anomalies

The mysterious white screen of death can appear on iPhone devices for many reasons. This can be caused by jailbreak, a failed upgrade, or hardware problems.  This screen problem is usually resolved by restarting the device. You can also opt for a hard or factory reset and booting in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. This resets will clear the data from your device and you must ensure that all your data is saved elsewhere. If you are unable to restore the functionality of your device, you can always go to a reliable iPhone screen repair shop for your repair and data recovery needs.

 Freezing of iPhone Applications

iPhone apps can freeze unexpectedly when you are using or launching specific applications. This mainly occurs because the iOS version you are using does not support the app you want to turn on or the app is not installed properly on the iPhone. You can stop this problem from happening by restarting your iPhone device and checking whether the app is operating properly. You can also troubleshoot this problem by installing the newest version of the application from App store.

The iPhone has incredibly made our lives much easier. However, just like other machines, these devices come with some complications. Most of these issues can be fixed by the iPhone users while other need specialists with technical repair knowledge. Whatever problem your iPhone device is experiencing, it is best to get repair technicians that get your device working within no time. With a reliable and cheap iPhone screen repair service, you will restore the functionality of your mobile device.

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