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Tips to Help You Get Latest Pokemon GO- can you buy pokemon on pokemon go

The newest Pokemon GO update landed last night, bringing the game up to version 0.59.2, the patch notes say that the update adds a new Lure Mode for catching Pokemon outside, and also fixes an issue with the Lucky Egg item.

Right now, though, we’re more concerned with the new Legendary Pokemon that were added, there are now 3 Legendary Pokemon to catch in the game Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. This isn’t a rare event, but they tend to pop up at random.

It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter all three of them at once, but you stand the best chance by playing daily, here are 5 tips to help you get Pokemon GO’s new Legendary Pokemon.

 Train Your Pokemon

Train your Pokemon before you head out you never know what Legendary Pokemon you’ll come across, so it’s a good idea to have your strongest Pokemon ready for battle.

Some people even suggest that you train a team as well as ask if can you buy pokemon on pokemon go of high combat power Pokemon, just in case this will help you take on the higher-level elite trainers that sometimes pop up with Legendary Pokemon.

Use Incense and Lucky Eggs

The best way to find these new Pokemon is by using Incense or Lucky Eggs to lure them out, you may have noticed that the game will prompt you when you’ve encountered a Legendary Pokemon, and it will also tell you how many are left in your immediate area.

So, if you want to find Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos as quickly as possible, pick up some of the items that will attract them: Incense and Lucky Eggs.

Incense will attract Pokemon for 30 minutes and can be purchased for $1.49 per item these items have an unlimited number of uses before they’re gone, but they take up space in your bag so remember to keep stock on hand at all times.

Lucky Eggs always last for 30 minutes they’re not limited but they only increase experience points gained by 50 percent while active meaning they take up a slot in your inventory.

There’s also the option to purchase 12-hour Lucky Eggs for $2.99 each instead of a single day package of 24 hours for $9.99 but that’s where we get into some math trouble with calculating how much of a percentage increase you’d get over the course of playing 24 hours straight so let’s just say that would make this task easier.

In addition to incense and lucky eggs, players should take advantage of lures as well Lures last one hour and can be used repeatedly without taking any inventory

Don’t Waste Poké Balls

The first tip is the most important before you even go on your adventure, make sure that you have plenty of Poké Balls on hand these are the items that allow you to capture Pokemon and use them in a battle against other trainers.

The more you have, the better off you’ll be when going after these rare Pokemon stock up on as many as possible in advance so that you don’t waste any when hunting down these Legendary creatures.

Walk Around

The easiest way to find Legendary Pokemon is to walk around the best time to play the game is when you’re out and about, so you might as well try and get some of that walking in too.

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