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Matt Davies Stockton Shares Tips to Increase A CRM System to Increase Customer Experience



According to Matt Davies Stockton, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System allows businesses of all sizes to manage interaction with existing and potential customers effectively. Let’s figure out how a CRM system can help to increase customer experience for your business. 


Tips & Tricks

  1. Stay connected – Businesses need to stay in touch with their existing and potential customers to make them feel valued and important. With a CRM system, you can send those customers regular emails and let them know about your new products, sales, upcoming promotions, changes in policy, and more. Moreover, the system also allows you to track the activities of your clients, including their purchases, birthdays, and conversions when a potential customer turns into a real customer. That information allows you to target them with the right messaging. 
  2. Consistency – Another way of improving customer experience and making them happy is to ensure consistent support and messages from your business. That’s almost impossible without a CRM system. You can set up automated responses to customer inquiries on social media, or when they fill up a form. You can also use CRM to deliver consistent messages and responses to your customers across all platforms, including your social media, website, and customer support help desk. When you achieve consistency across the board, you don’t just improve customer experience, but brand reputation and loyalty as well.
  3. Personalized communication – Another way of increasing customer experience is to personalize communication. Data generated and collected by your CRM system allows you to personalize your communication with customers even on automated messages. For instance, CRMs can customize the names of every recipient along with a few other relevant details on regular promotional messages that go out to all your customers. Research suggests that customers are more likely to open an email with a personalized subject line.  
  4. Store all information in one place – Every CRM system has a central database that stores all the information about a customer or potential customers. It can store everything from purchase prospects to contracts, service duration, and more. When existing or potential customers use email, social media, or the phone to reach out to your company, CRMs can make all the relevant information about the customer available to your employees. This allows your service reps to provide a solution or answer queries more quickly and deliver a positive experience to your customers. 
  5. Handle requests on social media – With more than 65 percent of consumers using social media for customer service, businesses can’t afford to ignore that platform. A CRM system can collect mentions or service requests from all your social media accounts and send them to one database. This way you can always respond to a tweet or post and make each and every customer feel valued.    


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to enhance customer experience and retain more customers in the process. CRM systems allow you to learn more about your customers and handle requests more efficiently and that can also result in growth in revenue.


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