How do local SEO services target mobile searchers?

With over 60% of all searches now coming from smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website that is optimized for local SEO gives your business a huge advantage. The foundation of local SEO is targeting key geographic and industry-specific keywords that mobile users are likely to search for when looking for a local business. SEO agencies will research the highest volume and most relevant local keywords and then optimize pages and content around those terms. They also leverage semantic search, which means optimizing for different variations of keywords. The goal is to be found for all the ways searchers look up local businesses.

Focus on local schema markets

Local SEO experts will markup pages and landing pages with structured data and schema markup that identifies the business name, address, phone number, and other info to search engines. It helps the business show up prominently in local search results on mobile. Schema can also optimize listings for Google Maps, Siri suggestions, chatbots, and more. A complete, optimized Google My Business page is vital for mobile local SEO. It provides the information directly in local search results. The GMB listing also features prominently in Google Maps on smartphones. Local SEO experts will flesh out the details, categories, photos, and other features for maximum visibility.

Multi-location SEM strategies

Local SEO and pay-per-click campaigns work hand-in-hand for many multi-location businesses trying to geo-target mobile searchers. Agencies set up paid search campaigns with location extensions, radius targets, and mobile bid adjustments to laser focus on reaching nearby searchers. Local SEO experts will connect Google Analytics to view key metrics and insights specifically around local mobile searchers. This allows them to see the types of queries that are driving traffic and conversions, top-converting keywords and pages, visitor behavior, and more. These insights optimize targeting and rank tracking.

Adjust for mobile first indexing

With mobile-first indexing, Google primarily crawls and indexes the mobile version of pages. local SEO services near me experts understand this shift and will adjust onsite content accordingly, so the mobile pages have all the information search engines need to rank well – avoiding the common mobile usability mistakes many sites still make. Agencies may implement rich snippets, FAQ schema markup, review snippets, and other structured data on pages to stand out in the increasingly competitive local pack. These snippets boost click-through rates by enabling additional details like ratings, hours, photos and prominently displayed reviews.

Focus on click-to-call

Mobile provides quick click-to-call capabilities for urgent service businesses. Agencies optimize pages to drive calls from mobile local searchers by including unique phone numbers on location pages and enabling click-to-call extensions in paid searches. Trackable local numbers allow measuring ROI. Competent local SEO agencies understand how on-page optimization, technical website enhancements, content creation, link building, citations, reviews, and online listings and directories all work together to target high-intent mobile searchers. They align strategies across channels with comprehensive mobile optimization.

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