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Email image for warm up emails: how to do it quickly and efficiently

Yes, e-mail, almost like a person, has an image. In e-commerce, they call it a little differently, “the positive reputation of the mailbox or domain. But the meaning is approximately the same. For example, the person doesn’t fulfill his obligations, or he keeps calling you and trying to distract you from your work with unnecessary messages and personal arguments. What kind of image can have such an interlocutor? Negative! And he will not be trusted with serious business. It is almost the same with mailing addresses. First, they must prove that they were not created just to bombard potential customers with gigabytes of unnecessary information. And only after that, they will be freed from restrictions and given a ticket to e-commerce.

Automated and manual ways of working with emails

In addition to manually sorting out all the restrictions and dealing with hundreds and thousands of clients, you can use automated special services. There is one of them here at the link https://reply.io/email-warmup. It has a convenient function of collecting and sorting newsletters. It also identifies all the key parameters of mailings. And what is most valuable – the functionality allows you to work with the warm-up address and domain without additional help. Algorithms work independently, as well as determine the volume of emails, direction, open and send responses to customer requests. But in any case, you should listen to some expert advice which says that even an automated system requires flexible control and adjustment by the mailing’s author.

Be sure to set up the email response feature in an automated system or in person:

  • open transmitted messages;
  • check their contents;
  • respond to messages without delay.

If these actions occur regularly and rhythmically in the mailbox, the mailer perceives them as real communication and communication.

Ignoring a mailing list is a path to spam and blocking: avoid this danger

In an automated service configuration or manually, exclude those who ignore and reclassify your messages as spam. These recipients should be put on a separate list at once and return to possible resend only after some other positive contact – a phone call, a personal meeting. You need to make sure that the re-sending of the email does not go to spam. Another option is to resend the letter not earlier than in 1-1,5 months. If the letter goes to spam this time. It’s better to ignore such an address, because the negative reputation of the address will only grow.

Technical details are very important!

And another important component for successful mailing list warm-up: all the technical requirements for increased source authentication must be fulfilled. And this means that you must meet all the requirements for mailing attribution, so you need to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC and other services.

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