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Best Instagram Video Ideas for Small Businesses

Instagram is one of the world’s most-used social media applications. To get famous or to get established as a business, you can rely on Instagram to accomplish your mission as it is one of the popular platforms that is being used by millions of people from every extreme of the world. Instagram is highly productive and you can reap all the benefits of reaching your target audience to boost your revenue.

Instagram is highly beneficial for business owners as well. Small businesses can benefit from marketing their products on the platform. They can take their products to the end customers and attain the reach swiftly. Instagram has come up with a user-friendly interface and a lot of promotion techniques for businesses and start-ups. New features are also being developed now and then to make the platform highly efficient.

Best Instagram Videos Ideas For Small Businesses

1.  Go with the trend

It is always advisable to stick to the trend as this will help you get the reach quickly. Make your videos showcasing features of the business by taking a reference of the trending videos. This will accelerate your rate of being in the spotlight and will make many people know about your business. It will also attract attention and will make heads turn to your profile. Also, if you are a natural talent in setting trends, this will help you reach and sustain yourself at the top of the feed, increasing your business reach.

2.  Use trending sounds/music

Trending sounds and music can grab attention as people will notice the purpose of this music and audio. Make use of the trending sounds in your product launch videos or description videos of your products. Make sure not to follow the regular rhythm. Ensure your video creativity with the audio in the background. Also, this will earn you many rewards as trending music or effects reaches a much wider audience from a vast geographical area. This will increase your business scope which in turn will lead to a rise in revenue.

3.  Partner with influencers

Influencers are one good choice when it comes to taking your small business to an audience. They usually possess a thorough knowledge of every nook and corner of the social media application which will help in attaining your mission at full tilt. Make sure to partner with the right influencers as most of the influencers work on a paid basis. Ensure to make the fullest use of your investment. Prepare a thorough agenda before you go online or finalize your working terms.

4.  Post behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are the most captivating options if you are looking for ideas. They make the viewer excited and they will be more into your profile by watching these behind the scenes. You can post behind the frames of your posts or behind the scenes that go into the manufacturing process of your products. Keep it natural without much effect as a sense of innocence is always liked by people.

5.  Make your employees come into the frame

One good idea to work is to bring your employees into the frame. Viewers will have a sense of trust and confidence when they see the people who are assisting in manufacturing their products. This will also act as a reward on the face of your employees. They can talk their way out of heart without many directions as viewers are usually highly capable of sensing the differences between truth and fake automation.

6.  Post customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are one good way to reach the audience. You can try making a compilation video of the reviews of your product and post it on Instagram. This will help people understand the true value of your products as today’s consumers are addicted to the habit of reading reviews before investing in the product. You can also request your loyal customers to post a self-video of them unpacking and talking about the product.

7.  Go live

Going live on your Instagram page is one good technique as your followers might want to see the real face behind the profile and the business. You can post questions on the live sessions and ask your followers for recommendations and expectations. This will give you a better understanding of the target audience’s mindset. You can also try a live session from your manufacturing sector or packing sector.

8.  Launch trailers before the actual product launch

Launching teasers or trailers before the actual product launch will create a sense of excitement, and eagerness among your audience. You can make better use of this by posting a countdown or offering a special discount based on first come techniques. This will drive followers to your profile automatically. Make sure to work on the trailer in a way that will make the followers await the actual launch.

9.  Do tutorials on the usage of the product

Tutorials on the demonstration will help your customers and to-be customers to understand your product better. This will make it easy for them at the initial stages. Prompt sales and services will increase your merit among the audience.

10.  Post a gist of how your product is made

Showing the real process that goes behind the manufacturing process is a real task but the outcome is immeasurable. You can take time to draft what exactly has to be shown to earn their confidence. Ensure not to be fake at this point because it will be tough on your face if you are not able to keep up the promise. Make sure the video is attractive and catchy enough. Additionally, you can try your hands at the option to buy real Instagram views. This is one of the best ideas to maximize your reach.

11. Show your workstation and factory

Videos showing your workstation and factory can be made to earn the credence of the audience. They will be eager to know where their products are made and how it is being packed and delivered to them. A gist is high enough with the main components to make your followers understand. Also, get more Likes for all your posts and skyrocket your sales.


Instagram is one highly effective platform to redefine the purpose and ambitions of your business. It will make you reach heights and earn goodwill. Now that you have catch ideas to post videos on Instagram, experiment with every single one of them to see what works best for you. Hope our article has served its purpose and helped you gain enough knowledge on the subject matter.



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