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Understanding IP Telephony and VOIP

Many countries use telecommunication technologies to transmit information in outlets, such as voice on telephone and radioor data in computer networks containing text, sounds, and photos. Telecommunication technology continues to evolve, and one of the fundamental changes is the emergence of IP Technology and VOIP phones in Australia

But what are IP Telephony and VOIP? Let’s explore these terms more below. 

Defining IP Telephony and VOIP

IP Telephony or Internet Protocol Telephony is the process of data communications using IP networks like the internet to exchange phone calls, voice, faxes, and other types of communication into digital signals. Voice over IP or VoIP refers to the use of voice functions inside IP technology, such as voice calls and voicemail.

One of the advantages of IP Telephony is its streamlined infrastructure. This allows IP telephone systems to integrate with existing infrastructure. It also encompasses mobility, where IP grandstream phonescan be accessed outside a physical office using portable computers and mobile devices. 

What’s the Difference?

IP Telephony and VOIP are often interchangeable terms,yet, they have subtle differences. While IP Telephony uses digital phone systems based on IP standards to boost corporate efficiency via technology, VoIP is a digital transport vehicle for placing phone calls. It is essentially a subcategory of IP Telephony. 

That said, businesses must be aware of the security issues associated with telecommunication systems. These include security breaches and unauthorized modification of transmitted signals or messages between transmitters and receivers. 

Business owners can ensure call and data security by implementing several cybersecurity methods like data encryption, security audits, and creating strong passwords. 


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