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Tips to Get Best Photo Print Quality at Home

Using a home printer offers the convenience of printing any photo. Displaying your favorite photographs on the walls or a collage project for holiday cards has become easy.

Which printer to invest in – laser or inkjet?

Inkjet printers are designed for photo printing. It offers image sharpness and better color accuracy in comparison to laser printers. It is possible to print photos with laser printers but the colors look dull and fine details get lost.

Know the basics of printer

Each printer involves default print quality settings that you can adjust. Click on the ‘Print Quality’ and from the drop-down menu choose the setting. Setting names will differ on the printer model but categories are the same with similar quality options.

  • ‘Draft’ or ‘Eco-mode’ means prints quickly with less ink. To save ink this is the mode to choose.
  • ‘Standard’ or ‘Normal’ quality is default and best for the majority of print tasks.
  • ‘High’ or ‘Best’ is for high-quality prints and uses more ink. It is the best option for photograph printing and presentation prints.

Choose the right printer cartridge

On needmoreink.com, you can buy ink cartridges designed for standard inkjet printers aimed at printing daily documents including basic color images, photos, and texts. Laser printers make use of toner cartridges and are best for text printing. They print faster than inkjets because toner is in powder form.

However, color prints can appear dull because powder cannot reproduce similar tonal distinctions. For high-quality color prints, photo inkjet printers are the best. The cartridges used are more because the printer offers improved color reproduction for projects focusing on color accuracies like art prints and professional photography.

Choose right paper

Choose the right paper type for the project. For basic prints multi-purpose copy paper is great but for better results, you need to buy paper designed for the specific printer.

Some common paper types are –

  • Glossy paper – It includes soft gloss, high gloss, and satin finishes. The reflective coating creates high contrast sharpness and deep vibrant colors. Great for albums and displays where natural light reflects and distorts the image.
  • Semi-gloss paper – There are some glosses like pearl, satin, and luster. Luster is popular among photographers because of its versatility. The prints on the semi-gloss finish are good, clean, and strong. They look great when framed.
  • Matte paper – It is a paper designed from hot-pressed fiber without a glossy coating. It is available in different textures ranging from soft velvet to thick dimpled paper to woven high cotton paper. It makes print mimic the watercolor painting. The paper highlights the deep and rich dark tones. It is a great option for white & black photographs. The matte paper makes the color look old than the other paper type.

Maintain the printer

For better and consistent print results ensure to maintain the printer. Printheads need to be kept prime and clean. Print regularly and run the cleaning feature often. Simple maintenance will prevent cartridge clogs and the ink lasts long. A printer is a huge investment and keeping it idle is expensive. The ink will ultimately dry out if you don’t use it. Consider these aspects before you make a purchase decision.

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