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The Need For Caution When Transacting Money Online

The demand for online stores and services has increased recently. People are attracted to buying online products because it saves a lot of time. Thanks to technological advancements and logistics, consumers receive services and products quickly.

But where there is convenience, there are a few drawbacks too. With online business, there is a considerable risk of online transfer being fake. It is essential to be aware of how to check a fake transfer slip (วิธี เช็ค สลิป ปลอม, which is the term in Thai).

Get Rid Of Fake Online Money Transfers

As much as it is crucial to be authentic to the customers, even the customers need to be faithful to the online sellers. To trick sellers, some people create fake slips when transferring money. Keep a check on fake transfer slip and learn how to check fake transfer slip. The various ways are.

Overviewing The Money Transfer Slip Or Letter Or The Transaction Number

How to check fake transfer slip (เช็ค สลิป โอน เงิน, which is the term in Thai) with the help of the transaction number is important to know. You can also crosscheck using the beneficiary account’s time, date, amount, and name.

If you notice it carefully, the letters in the slip are not equal in thickness and thinness. This might take a while to get noticed. All these methods to check slip transfer money will help you stay safe and secure with the help of the details mentioned on the slip.

Scannable QR Code On Transfer Slip For Check

Check slip transfer money with the help of a QR code mentioned on it if the slip is an e-slip. The money transfer slip will definitely mention the particular bank’s QR code, which helps to check the fakeness of the slip. Visit the application of the bank that has been accepted by a specific bank, then go to the menu and move along “scan QR code.” Scan the code with your phone camera to verify the transaction.

Usage Of Official Services Of The Bank

Although this method is not a direct way of checking the authenticity of the transfer slip it is better to stay safe. Account balance information can be received through the bank line official and helps understand the ins and outs of the account.


As vital as knowing how to check fake transfer slip, it is also crucial to check slip transfer money in the best ways possible. Though there are several ways of doing it, it is essential to match it with the help of authentic sources and methods to stay safe and assured about the transfers.

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