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The Best Bluetooth Headsets for 2022

Planning to buy Bluetooth headset? The first thing you have to take note of is the battery. The most wanted feature we can’t deny. Your headphones battery will decide the time duration for you to listen to the music without breaking. In most headsets, the average playback time will be four to five hours, which means the headphone battery will last up to a minimum of fourteen to fifteen hours. Grab the top-notch quality bluetooth headset with mic here


There are many ranges of headphones which are available on the market, from very basic to exclusive features. Many recent updates can provide people with fantastic audio quality like

  • Active noise cancelation
  • Voice assistant
  • True wireless

Active noise cancelation

Active noise-canceling earphones will have an inbuilt structure that will enhance the music you are listening to and helps in reducing the background noise, which is a very useful feature and it will provide you with powerful bass. There are two models which are currently equipped with active noise canceling devices and are designed to move without getting disturbed by any ambient noises like vehicle sounds, fan sound background noises etc. Now all that will matter is the selection of music.

Voice Assistant

Why don’t you listen to the weather forecast for the day on your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket? This feature allows the voice assistant which is available on your smartphone. You have to just raise a question through the microphone which is already inbuilt. This process is time-saving because you don’t have to pull out your phone often and change it manually. Ideal if you are wearing headphones on your way home from work and need to check your information on your mobile phone.

True Wireless

With this technology, you can always forget the cable. Most compact earphones are truly wireless ones. That way, your cables won’t hang while you go for a walk, when you travel or when exercising in the gym.

Now you will have an idea about the main features to consider when buying your Bluetooth headphones. The only thing you have to do is choose the model that best suits your needs.


Is Bluetooth headset safe to use?

Yes, because the Bluetooth headset has less power output when compared to other devices, so it does not produce too much heat, which can cause brain damage.

How to fix Bluetooth headphones when it works only on one side?

There may be many reasons why your headphones are damaged; it may be even due to poor handling, make sure your device is clean and check whether the format is correct and check for jack connection, try to reset your headphones and if you do not see any positive difference kindly check with your service center.

Is using Bluetooth headphones dangerous?

No, it is a myth. Only using headphones does not affect your brain or harm you; you should use them properly, give rest to your ears. Do not overuse any devices or use them straight continuously; it might harm you in other ways.

Can we sleep with headphones on?

Yes, if it is a fully wireless headset, it will be comfortable for you to have it listen to some music when you’re trying to get some sleep.

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