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Should Businesses Buy SMS Archiving Tools?

Many businesses have leveraged instant messaging applications in their operations. Mobile messaging apps became their alternative communication platform for customer and employee inquiries. For instance, companies can use SMS to talk and connect with their colleagues who cannot meet them face-to-face. 

Unfortunately, using SMS can be risky for businesses that do not archive their messages. Several regulatory commissions require registered organizations to do SMS archiving for compliance. If companies fail to do so, they are at risk of paying hefty legal fees, especially during data breach incidents.

Aside from compliance, businesses need to invest in an SMS archiving solution for the following reasons:

Help Prevent Data Leaks

Companies fear data leaks the greatest, as these can put their reputation in a bad light. They might also face costly legal penalties if proven guilty of negligence in protecting confidential information. These scenarios are the worst things that businesses would want to avoid.


As the old saying suggests, “prevention is the key”. The best SMS archiver has monitoring settings capable of alerting the organization of the keywords or phrases used during communications. This way, businesses can operate with peace of mind because they can stay abreast of discussions about sensitive topics.

Store Digital Conversations for Future Audits and Disputes

Archiving all electronically generated messages protects the organization during audits and disputes. Through archiving technology, no side can manipulate information, even if they delete messages or their account.

Text archiving can provide the court with a comprehensive record of communications between two conflicting parties. Such ascertains the events that took place without bias, which both sides will most likely exhibit during trials to defend themselves

Improve Marketing Strategy

Text archivers can also enhance the way businesses promote their products or services. Companies can look at previous client interactions through archived SMS. They can review the data and analyze what work or not. The collected data is essential in formulating effective marketing tactics and creating compelling campaigns. Marketers now have empirical evidence to accommodate their audience accurately.

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