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Questions to Ask Before Committing to In-House Label Printers

If warehouses want to boost their efficiencies, then barcodes are the answer. This way, it becomes very easy to track, register, and collect every possible data about the stocks that move in and out of the facility. With scanning simply, products can move in time with greater efficiency. 

Also, with the advancements in the printing technology, you can easily generate the label prints directly from the mobile device in use. But how important is this printer for your warehouse? Is it worth money? Here’s list of all such questions that you must be asking before investing in one.

Are the devices mobile enough?

First, you need to understand the purpose of label printers. Do you want to print on the go, or do you want it stationed at some point? If you want to optimize your warehouse processes, then mobile printers are your answer. They print highly durable labels in a good volume.

Can these devices be connected?

You want your printers to be easily connected through the internet and Bluetooth. Always check the connectivity options before buying one since you will want to print them from every possible source.

What are the different printing methods involved here?

Your printer features a wide range of printing methods. You will have to figure out which one you want. Understand if you need durable labels or if simple labels will serve the purpose. If you want the former option, you need to have printers that have thermal transfer enabled. This will create lasting prints, and the maintenance will also be easy.

What are the label sizes?

You can have special label needs for your business. However, there are different sizes and qualities of labels available. So, checking this feature before the purchase becomes essential.

How much do these printers cost?

Before buying the printer, it is important to know your budget. There are a variety of printers available in the market, and the price depends on the shape, size, features, efficiency and functionality of each of them.

What volume can they print?

You should know the number of labels that are needed by you daily. Industrial needs can involve the printing of over a thousand labels a day.

Getting a TSC desktop warehouse label printer for your company will certainly be a good fit for you with all the specifications and features in place.  

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