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Kimi thought after watching the film

KIMI is a thriller directed by Steven Soderberg and starring Zoe Kravitz. It will be launched on HBO Max on February 10, 2022. The film invented a voice assistant called Kimi, which will monitor and record everything you say and feed it back to an organization like “big brother”. The technician played by krowitz found a murder case while analyzing the records. She tried to report to the company’s chain of command, but encountered resistance and bureaucracy. She was not trusted and could not succeed. If you are interested, you can watch Kimi movie online free.

Introduction to Kimi’s Plot

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle, an agoraphobic tech worker discovers evidence of a violent crime while reviewing a data stream, and is met with resistance and bureaucracy when she tries reporting it to her company. To get involved, she realizes she must face her greatest fear by venturing out of her apartment and into the city streets, which are filled with protestors after the city council passes a law restricting the movements of the homeless population. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

Kimi Film Review

While reliving Hitchcock and De Palma, Soderberg really triggered the new mechanism of current type films. How to tell the suspense story of this era today is a light and wonderful demonstration. We are being deceived and surrounded by multiple crises, explicit or implicit, such as gender discrimination, scientific and technological innovation, smart life, epidemic isolation, capital monitoring, etc. the audience follows Zoe’s protagonist into a real world with a strong sense of literary absurdity that “going out indicates danger” instead.

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