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How to evaluate an SEO company?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of making a website, or a portion of it, more visible within a search engine. While Search Engine Optimization is not about fixing your site, it is about making sure that when your web page is being searched, your page comes up as a result.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous effort. Search Engine Optimization is a “best effort”. The Search Engine Algorithms can change anytime. Some websites can get a one-star rating from one Search Engine and the next day jump into five stars. No Search Engine is perfect.

Search Engine Optimization is hard work. While it is the most effective way to “market” your website, it is not cheap to hire a company to handle it for you. A search engine is also very smart and they are getting smarter every day. So, you can’t have a “set it and forget it” approach.

If you do a search for “SEO company” you will see that there is a myriad of different SEO companies offering their services to clients. It is very easy to be taken in by cheap SEO companies.

Please also note that SEO companies will differ on what to include and what to exclude. As an example, an   SEO company services   might include the use of an XML sitemap in their work, while another company might exclude this from their work, arguing that it slows their site.

The SEO company should be transparent and honest. If you are working with a good SEO company, they will tell you the truth. For example, you might get your first SEO Audit and the SEO company might advise that it is a good site, but it could be better. This is common. You get free advice and advice from your SEO Company that they might not be offering a great deal to the client.

A good SEO company should be based in the UK. This is where it has the most activity and is easy to find. There are some SEO companies that will offer to work with clients out of the UK. But, they should be up front about it. They should be open to the client.

SEO companies should offer their own clients a service that is different to what the company offers to the public. For example, if an SEO company only offer to work with a small number of clients, this will be shown in their marketing.

  • If your SEO Company is less than 100% honest with you, then they are not a good SEO company.
  • If your SEO Company does not advise you on how to improve your site, then they are not a good SEO company.
  • If your SEO Company is not giving you advice and feedback then they are not a good SEO company.

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