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Few Link Building Strategies and Resources If You are a Busy Marketer

Link building in the past prioritized quantity over quality. The Link building has changed considerably throughout the years. It is crucial to understand that link development takes time if you are developing a strategy. If you do things correctly, it takes time.

The pages to which you build links, especially their quality and authority, have a significant impact on how highly you rank in search engine results.

Blogging is the most obvious way to build links pointing at your website. There are various additional tried-and-tested techniques accessible to build the best links and raise your ranking in the SERPs.

This post will mention 13 effective link-building techniques that you can use right away. They are particularly helpful to busy marketers that must have got a lot on their plates and like to monitor how search engines view them.

What a link-building strategy is?

Marketing and SEO professionals employ link-building strategies to get other websites to link back to their own.

If you manage an internet company that sells camping gear, you might write a blog post about safety precautions when camping. Other websites that deal with safety issues may then link to your blog post so that their visitors may learn more about the topic.

A few link-building strategies:

  • Use strategic guest blogging
  • Creating and distributing infographics
  • Be active on social media
  • Use resource links from certain trusted sites
  • Leverage your broken links strategy
  • Grow your personal brand
  • Establish content pillars
  • Check competitors’ backlinks
  • Replicate the competitor’s best links
  • Create link-building roundups
  • Keep track of all your backlinks
  • Reclaim links using social media
  • Earn editorial links

The following are a few tools available on the market to help implement these strategies:

  1. URL Shortener by2.io

URL Shortener by2.io is a limitless service for shortening your URL with complete link management and also a traffic analytic easy-to-use dashboard.  This URL shortener will deliver the TOP standard of short links having a QR code generator for making your brand thrive online.

You can easily remember your shortened link and use it in various blogs and that will point to your website easily.

  1. Linkascope

Linkascope is a very simple yet very powerful backlink as well as a website monitoring tool for your website or your SEO agencies. This versatile tool will offer a comprehensive solution for monitoring your backlinks and also control the website uptime performance.

By taking the help of this important tool, you can help yourself to identify and also fix problems before they can affect your websites and customers too. Every webmaster must have this tool as an arsenal.

  1. Linkbox

Usually, it becomes very difficult to monitor a large number of backlinks manually and this tool eliminates this issue completely.

  1. Brand24

This tool helps you to monitor your links on various social media sites.

These days, it has become very necessary to make use of all these tools to stay ahead of the competition and meet the conditions imposed by Google that are very dynamic.

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