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Digital Menu Boards

Many cafes, restaurants, eateries and shops are keeping up with the times. With the advancement of technology paper menus and handwritten menu boards are out of date. That leaves these businesses to switch to digital menu boards. 

Digital menu boards can be a wide variety of different displays as long as they purchase a subscription or digital menu board software to program the board. Companies depending on size may use tablets, single or multiple tv screens or even monitor screens. Their choices of display will depend on their programming and budget. 

What is a Digital Menu Board

A digital menu board is generally a tv screen that  is mounted on the wall allowing customers to see the menu from the door. It is a rather large display so that they don’t have to be close to see it and can look at it while they wait to order. The intent is to speed the decision making process up allowing more customers to be served in a timely fashion. 

How do Digital Menu Boards Work

Digital menu boards work relatively easy. They are generally programmed with a thumbdrive, or hdmi port that is connected to some type of hard drive. These drives will either have pre-programmed images that display or connect to a digital menu board software to allow for display changes. Just like a paper menu the digital menu must be designed and set up with the information that is needed to be displayed. 

Advantages to Digital Menu Boards

There is a wide variety of advantages to digital menu boards, especially if you use digital menu board software. By using digital menu board software, you can pick from a wide range of customizable premade templates, easy to use, drag and drop images and so much more. Digital menu boards can increase revenue, reduce wait times, show allergy and nutritional information and give customers pleasing visuals. 

Digital menu boards are super simple to keep up to date with just a few clicks of a button. Customers have been shown to order more, when they can read the menu from a distance while they wait. Visually pleasing menu boards attract attention, increasing sales and increasing moods of the customers. 

Are Digital Menu Boards Cost Effective

They are absolutely more cost effective than traditional menu options. You are not spending money on paper every time you want to change a product, price or ingredients. If you want to add products or change specials. You can change from breakfast to lunch to dinner at the click of a button without having to print several different pieces of paper. The increase in sales with the decrease of expense definitely makes it more cost effective.


Overall digital menu boards are great things. They are visually pleasing, encouraging customers to purchase more. They are easy to use especially with the digital menu board software that is available today. It is like a one time purchase that will last a lifetime and increase the productivity of your business. 

Who doesn’t like one click changes, easy to use pre designed templates for any occasion and aesthetically pleasing images. One simply cannot go wrong with digital menu boards. Just think of how much it has changed the ease of ordering at some of your favorite fast food restaurants. 


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