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Best Japanese Keycaps Sets in 2022

Those who wish for a cool outlook used to prefer Japanese keycaps. They give this result as kanji which is a form of art being engraved on the surface of the keycaps. It gives an artistic look. When kanji letters are being craved on the surface of Japanese keycaps, it gives a Japanese environment. They are made mainly for the decoration part. So when you buy Japanese keycaps your keyboard will be good to look at.

Following discussed are the best Japanese keycaps than can be used for your keyboard:

  1. Puku PBT Keycaps:
    • Puku PBT Keycaps has 123 keys.
    • The profile is based on cherry.
    • This is made of PBT material.
    • This key set is from the Puka which has a mixture of both retro and modern flavors.
    • The keys are green, white, and maroon with white legends along with the red sub legends all over.
    • You can customize the keycaps with more Japanese icons and symbols.
    • The quality is good, the mold has a correct grip. It is wobble-free.
    • The negative part of the quality is its rough trim below the edges.
    • They will intake the useless sounds because they are made of PBT thermoplastic which is a thick material.
    • The Puka caps will go well with Cherry MX’s, Kaihs, and cross-shaped shaft with switch type.
    • You always need to make sure that the keyboard has a 6.25u spacebar.
  2. Drop + Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Keycap Set:
    • Drop + Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Keycap Set is a famous keycap with a Cherry profile in the market.
    • The quality of the keycap is at its best.
    • GMK had produced this keycap.
    • The material of construction is thick ABS plastic.
    • This goes well for both typing and gaming.
    • The design is made cool with red color on each legend and letters are being engraved with gold color also on the surface kanji writing is done.
    • You can choose keycaps according to the different keyboard sizes.
    • This is also a mechanical keyboard.
  3. Sumgsn- Black and White:
    • Sumgsn- Black and White have 138 keys.
    • It is based on the Cherry profile.
    • The material is PBT.
    • The design has both modern and traditional touch on the black and white layout.
    • The design is more attractive because dark black keys contrast the bright white keys.
    • The main center of attraction is its golden keys everywhere.
    • Since it is made with PBT, the quality is excellent.
    • It can withstand both wear and tear. Because of this keycaps stays long.
    • The keys are quiet and soft.
    • The QWERTY contains Japanese sub legends.
    • The legends and sub legends are made of the same color. Therefore they look clean and elegant.

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