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Why Choose One BULK SMS Provider Over Another? 5 Things to Look At

Today, digital marketing is quite a diverse field that has motivated many companies to leverage different types of platforms to maximize their brand’s story. Thanks to constant technological advancements, businesses are choosing more beneficial strategies that enhance their marketing goals.

If you sell goods or are a service provider, then you probably have noticed that most of your customers use mobile phones – which makes SMS marketing one of the best ways to reach out to them.

While some businesses have taken advantage of this strategy to promote their offerings, others are yet to harness the power of bulk SMS services.

Short texts are not only used for general communication but are also used to personalize content for tailored SMS messages sent to clients. The big question, however, is how to get started in Bulk SMS for business

Sure, you now have a list of the best bulk SMS providers which the most attractive rates, but why should you choose one over the other? What makes them different?

Here are simple things to consider to help you choose an SMS provider that provides secure, affordable, and reputable bulk SMS services:

  1. Which SMS routes to they use?

It is highly that some providers still use grey routes for their SMS, but it is worth asking the question. Always ensure that the SMS provider you choose utilizes tier-one direct-to-network connections. They must also use reputable, tested, and proven SMS aggregators.

As such, you will enjoy the fastest and the most secure bulk SMS delivery services that enhance customer communication.

  1. Do the SMS provider’s credits expire?

While some clients often this pass, it is important to always check whether the bulk SMS provider’s credits expire. Some companies will cancel your SMS credits if they are not used.

Sadly, this information is often buried deep in the terms and conditions, which, as is the norm, most people don’t go through. They just click “Agree” and they move on. Before entering an agreement, ensure to establish this factor first.

  1. Will you pay for undelivered texts?

While some companies may charge you for failed texts, they are not charged. As such, it is important to determine whether you will also pay for undelivered messages.

  1. Clear SMS pricing

Some companies make their pricing quite confusing, and cloudy. Others have excessively low prices per text for enticing clients, then they increase the prices once you have made the second purchase.

Find a reputable bulk SMS with clear pricing policies that don’t shit without your knowledge.

Also, pay attention to bulk SMS credits. Some providers quote low rates per SMS credit but use more than one credit to send a text. Ensure that you know how many credits you will be using.

Also, if you have international clients, carefully check the prices. Sometimes, the local rates are cheaper while international texts might break your bank.

  1. Support

It is very crucial to make sure that you always have 24/7 support – to always help solve any challenges you might be having regarding bulk SMS integration, validity, credits, among others. No one wants to be kept waiting for hours before getting their issue resolved.

Getting Started

Celcom Africa has been rated as the best Bulk SMS provider in Kenya and has implements all of the above in their bulk SMS offerings. They have a powerful SMS gateway that enables sending and receiving SMS messages through database software. It has a user-friendly interface and excellent internal features.

They provide affordable, transparent, secure bulk SMS with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a support system that runs 24/7 and is always ready to help.

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