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How Clixtell Stops Invalid Click Activity and Saves Businesses from Fraud

Digital error and migration have made businesses use the internet to handle their activities and transactions. Various activities get done online, such as marketing and client engagements, and all these require no space for fraudsters to benefit from their illegal activities, thereby affecting the processes of the businesses. Clixtell offers a click fraud protection service that prevents fraudsters from seeing the various Google Ads campaigns, resulting in an improved ROI and marketing performance. 

The fraud protection professionals offer several click fraud protection services, such as call tracking, click fraud protection and website video recorders. The various resources used include the partners, integrations, and WordPress plugin, all of which work effectively to meet the client’s goals, delivering an excellent service to businesses. The several benefits of working with Clixtell are immense, including having a transparent process that gets followed to achieve excellence once the process is completed. The process is straightforward, making it easy to achieve the desired result without much struggle, and it includes the following steps: 

Easy setup

Once the click fraud protection service client signs up for the service, the company sends them an email with their account password and username. After that, the client has to follow the instruction to welcome the wizard, and also, the client gets to integrate their Google Ads account. The other thing done in the first step is inserting a tracking JavaScript to the website with an alternative to using the WordPress plugin. Also, an account security profile gets set up for the client, marking the first step’s end. 


The click fraud protection service professionals immediately begin monitoring every click on the client’s website and the digital marketing campaigns. There is an analysis of various aspects of the website, such as the IP address, network service providers, VPN providers, proxy servers, keywords, and more, to ensure there aren’t any fraudulent activities on the system. 


The click fraud protection service experts use an advanced fraud machine learning system combined with the clients’ account security profile settings. The features enable the fraud experts to detect any fraudulent activity attempted on the business PPC campaigns and swiftly blocked fraudulent persons’ attempts to click on the paid ads. The swift action saves the businesses from fraudulent activities that become costly, making them not generate income as 



Offering a 24/7 service, Clixtell offers a reliable service that enables business owners to relax stress-free from any fraudulent activities coming their way. The click fraud protection service offers many benefits, including monitoring, detecting, and securing the client’s PPC budget. The powerful and friendly software professionals enable businesses to secure their Google Ads budget by continuously preventing automatic click fraud. Also, clients benefit from s free trial that exposes them to how the process works to guide their decision-making. 


having the proper security guidance for the business enables it to operate and achieve its maximum potential without fraudulent loopholes. A professional fraud protection company protects the business from fraudulent clicks. 


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