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Checklist for Selecting a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Manufacturer


Suppose you are hiring a PCB contract manufacturer for yourself to outsource your PCB assembly task. In that case, you have to consider the following areas that will help you to hire a quality PCB assembly company.


You need to select a PCB assembly manufacturer who is not at a very far distance from your company or business. This will give your business added agility and flexibility to adapt to the changing conditions, specifically if you want to meet your requirements within the deadline. Therefore choose a PCB assembly company that is within your regional area, and it will be convenient for you to conduct site service in case a shortage of components or material occurs

The function of Manufacturing Equipment:

It is important to consider the PCB contract manufacturers manufacturing equipment and how well the equipment is functioning. In addition, you should consider whether the contract manufacturer has obsolete or new equipment. The functionality aspect of the manufacturing equipment plays a great role in meeting the contract’s requirements. You also need to ensure that the equipment and machines are well maintained. When you review the equipment maintenance, you get more confidence about the quality work of the PCB contract manufacturer. Gaining more confidence and trust helps to build a strong business partnership.

Assembly personal Certifications: 

It is important to ensure that the PCB contract assembler has fulfilled the certification requirements. When you ensure the staff certification criteria, you can run your production on schedule. A smooth production will require well-maintained machining equipment, certified assembly technicians, and staff. It is important to review the certification and training records of the PCB staff. When you ensure that the PCB contract assembler and their staff have obtained all necessary technical credentials and can perform their work within time, you can ensure the quality of work. In case your PCB contract comes with staff who are not certified, then you need to verify their credentials and work progress

Quality Systems:

The quality system is the next factor you need to ensure about your PCB assembler. The minimum certification that the PCB assembly company must attain is ISO 9001, ensuring that the company maintains a standard of work and provides you with quality products. If the PCB assembly manufacturer comes with a different quality system, you must ensure whether the PCB assembly company would invest in becoming certified. By ensuring these points, you strengthen your long-term business relationship with your PCB assembly company

Shipping Deadlines:

An important metric you must ensure in your contract manufacturer is the ability to meet shipping deadlines. It is important to ensure that your contract manufacturer has the personnel, capacity, and other resources to meet the business needs within time. You must obtain all the records from your PCB assembly manufacturer about the ability of the company to meet the deadlines. To obtain a deep understanding of how the PCB assembly works  

Parts Procurement:

The next factor that must be obtained is how the PCB manufacturer maintains the in-house inventory. When you know about the procurement department and work, you’ll know how much expertise they have acquired in sourcing parts.


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