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Are you looking for augmented reality services in Canada?

Augmented reality is an emerging technology where computer-generated images are projected into reality, making them look and feel like real objects.

Nowadays, companies are incorporating augmented reality into their digital products. There are leading companies like Upreal in Canada that are pioneers in offering these services. 

Read more to find out how you can use augmented reality to enhance your business. 

Uses of augmented reality in different use cases

  1. E-commerce

Augmented reality can help give a 3-dimensional view of the products an e-commerce retailer is selling. It improves customer experience and sales. 

The chances of return of products are also significantly low with augmented reality product visualizations. 

Similarly, if you are interested, you can even have a virtual try-on option in your e-commerce site or app. 

With the help of virtual try-on, people will be less apprehensive about how the product will suit them after purchase. This virtual try-on option offers solutions to the existing problems in the makeup and garment e-commerce industry. 

For instance, online sales of makeup products like lipsticks used to be low before virtual try-on became popular. 

Without virtual try-on, customers were not sure if a lipstick shade would suit them, so they used to prefer offline purchases over online ones. 

  1. Marketing 

Augmented reality helps improve brand awareness among potential customers. You can make augmented reality tools like Instagram filters with your brand logos to increase its reach. It will improve brand awareness and thereby enhance the sale of your products. 

Similarly, brand activation events can be made more attractive by keeping custom-made AR kiosks. 

People will attend the event and get interested in the AR products. It will improve user experience, and you will get more loyal customers as a result. 

  1. Gaming and entertainment

Entertainment apps benefitted the most from augmented reality technology. It has enhanced the user experience of games and other means of entertainment. It took gaming to the next level of experience. 

So, you can develop an AR-based gaming or entertainment app as these apps are getting more customer attraction nowadays. 

Final Takeaways 

Augmented reality has the potential to improve business and sales. You can incorporate the technology into your app or website to enhance the customer experience. 

Get in touch with a company that specializes in augmented reality services and get started with the transformation. If you have an AR project in mind, you can discuss it with these service providers, and they will make it a reality for you. 

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